Streaming Talent 2022-23

My Culture, My Pride!

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About the event

Streaming Talent 2022 is all about acknowledging our students and their talent with our global community of 21K+ happy learners across 40+ countries! This year we are celebrating different cultures from around the world. Our students can participate in various categories by submitting their work or video related to the topic. The best performers across each category will receive special recognition and rewards!

Contest Guidelines

  • All participants are allowed to submit only one entry per category, but we strongly encourage participation across different categories
  • All entries should either be a high-quality video (.mp4, .wav, .mov, .avi) or a photograph (.jpg, .png, .jpeg ) as applicable
  • All videos/ photos submitted should be shot in landscape view (16:8)
  • All entries should stick to the topic, time limit, and other guidelines mentioned below for each distinct category
  • All participants should submit their authentic work, or else they stand a chance to be disqualified


Click on each category to find out more about the topic and judgement criteria!

Submit a video of yourself dancing to a regional or folk song that represents your culture or region. The video should be in horizontal view and not more than 2 minutes in length.

Judgement Criteria

  • Choreography
  • Rhythm & Co-ordination
  • Energy & Expressions
  • Costume

Submit an image of an artwork created by you on the theme ‘Favourite thing about my culture (eg., food/festival)’. You can use any medium to create your artwork. Give a title and description of your artwork during submission.

Judgement Criteria

  • Art quality (drawing/colouring)
  • Theme adherence
  • Use of mediums & creativity
  • Title and description

Submit a video of yourself speaking on one of the topics below, for not more than 2 minutes. Famous festival of my region Popular food items in my region My hometown

Judgement Criteria

  • Originality of Content
  • Vocabulary & Grammar
  • Pronunciation & Speed Flow
  • Stage Presence

Submit a video of yourself playing a regional or folk song that represents your culture, community or region on keyboard or guitar. The video should not more than 2 minutes in length.

Judgement Criteria

  • Originality / Improvisation
  • Performance
  • Rhythm
  • Melody


Stand a
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Rs 5000/- worth of amazon vouchers and goodies

Winning Certificate

Talent showcase on YouTube live event

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The last date to submit the entry for the contest is 15th January’23 11:00 P.M IST


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