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Online Chess Classes for Kids

Chess: strengthening the child's mind from a young age!

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Online Chess Classes for Kids

About the course

Chess is a cordial game that involves two minds competing against one another across 64 squares on a Black & whiteboard. With the course curated with the expertise of GrandMaster, Talent Gum Online Chess Classes offers students an enthralling chess coaching with practical and championship-level approach.

Students will learn the movements of each piece, the most common checkmate patterns, special moves like castling, the basics of the opening, and unique tricks. Every child will get personal attention and feedback in small groups and see visible difference in their game in just 4 weeks!

Course details

  • 03

    months course

  • 24

    live sessions

  • 55


  • 05


What you will receive


    A perfect blend of theory and practical to pursue graded exams of chess in future


    Learn special moves like castling, the basics of the opening, and the most unique tactical tricks


    Earn points and rewards for completing classes and see your ranking on the leaderboard!


    Get one-click access to Class recordings, Assignments, and supplementary materials!


    Get Certified by TalentGum as you progress towards the next level!

Learning Map

These online chess classes are designed to provide a holistic learning experience to your child from Day-1. The student will learn the basics of the game first and gradually progress towards more complex techniques.

  • 3 Sessions

    Introduction to chess, set-up the chess board, names and value of all pieces as well as learn a few basics to play the game

    5 Sessions

    Learn about the rules of the game, general moves of each piece, basic attacking and capturing techniques, and special moves like castling

  • 1 Session

    Practice previously learnt concepts and clear any doubts they have

    2 Sessions

    Learn the 3 types of elementary checkmates-Double Rooks, Single Queen, Single Rook

    5 Sessions

    Learn and practice all beginner level tactical attacks

  • 3 Sessions

    Learn and practice beginner level tactical defense

    4 Sessions

    Learn and practice the end game basics

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Meet your teachers

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  • TalentGum has helped to develop and improve my child’s chess skills immensely. It is amazing how the coach teaches so effectively even in the online mode. She has shown a lot of improvement.

  • TalentGum provides structured training and focuses on each aspect of the game including the nature of the chess player. My daughter’s game has improved a lot and I am really happy with her progress.

  • My son Mrityunjay has learnt a lot of Chess tactics and moves in a very short time. In my opinion, TalentGum has the best online chess classes with the most fun and dedicated learning environment.

  • We started chess as a hobby for our kid, as a beginner. He has not just improved in analytical skills but has shown improvement in academics, thanks to the dedicated mentors at TalentGum.

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