Create and sell your own ecourse or online class

For an entrepreneur who likes to generate revenue you might want to look into creating online courses. It's as simple as- you create a profile once, and people buy your services/course over and over again.

There's obviously a lot more that goes into creating and selling an online class, which will be covered in detail in this blog.

E-course; being a digital asset won't cost you much to create, and it's cheap to promote. There's no shipping cost included here!

The e-learning market worldwide is witnessing a rapid development which are affecting the academic and the business sector the online classes/course are cost-effective and it has higher accessibility within the learning as well as training initiative.

In another words, online lectures makes it so much easier to sit in pajamas on your bed or the dining room and watch the live video lectures and interact rather efficiently. Doubts can be asked by student due to the small batches of students.

You can create courses and sell them on any topic you can think of, from math to designing and dance and music. There are many people willing to sign up for it every day.

E-marketing being the major way to bank right now.  Sharing and teaching your skills through an online class is one of the best ways right now.


Here's a step-by-step guide for you to create an course online:                        

1. Decide the topic or your professionalism:

Find the services you're willing to teach. It can be anything from foreign language (like French, German, and Spanish), dance (kathak, Bharat Natyam, salsa, odissi) or hobbies like cooking, baking, painting and art, handwriting improvement, acting and drama can also be taught online.

Check out the opportunities TalentGum offer to teach online class.

2. Research on your service:

Once you know which hobby you can teach, do some research of your own. You can research your niche online or offline. You can also go through your competition to analyze what they're doing and how do they teach. You can research on how to make your student be more interactive and attentive on your online class.

3. Outline your online class:

Prepare yourself on how you'll utilize your time online with your student. Make a timeline and know how you'll teach them the hobby they took your online class for.

4. Apply to register with TalentGum:

To be able to sell your expertise online you need to register with TalentGum. Only a registered user can take classes on this platform. Once the user is registered, the login will only require your registered mobile number and the OTP. The registration can be done on talentgum.in by yourself.


Once you're a registered user at TalentGum you can have all these options:

Create your customized timetable:

A fresh setup of your subjects and the time allotted can be done.  You can then be able to adjust/create your timetable according to how you'd prefer your schedule for the classes to be.

Your timetable schedule can be customized however you'd like it to be.

Add students:

One-time exercise is need by you to add your students on the platform. We suggest you to not forget and create a timetable for your classes with your student at the time of creation.  The timetable and the list is editable anytime from the moment its created.

Mange your sessions:

The class sessions can be managed according to your preference. You can add or remove students from your session, or you can reschedule and even cancel your class any time. You can also start teaching the online class at the click of your button.

Our software detects your preferences. It's based on the previous choices you make on the platform. Its helps to create daily sessions for the user.

It also offers:

There's an additional feature in TalentGum like "Virtual Library". Virtual library allows the user to share documents, images and videos with their students.

Setting up an assignment which has automated evaluation is also an unique feature it has. User can also get notifications about the payments and calculations of dues as well.

Take a tour of the app to explore more features.

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