How to Tutor Online: A Guide for Prospective Tutors

Are you interested in teaching your specialized subject? If yes then, are you looking for any opportunity to start with? TalentGum - an online tutoring platform, made it easy for you. To become a private online tutor, our platform will help you from setting up your teaching business to getting hundreds of students. Apart from making profits, becoming an online tutor will be more fun and change your life. How?


Following qualifications will add to your value as an online tutor: 

● Bachelor’s degree, Master's degree, and teaching certification.

● Teaching experience (If any).

But these are not compulsory, having one of the above sets of qualifications will help you to become an online tutor at TalentGum. Subject-specific certification is necessary for getting the students’ and their parents’ attention and trust. The majority of TalentGum students are high school and college students who are in regular need of help in subjects like maths, science, English/other regional languages, commerce, and arts. 

Secondly, to become an online tutor, you have to visit TalentGum:

● In the menu section, click on “Log in”, and apply as a teacher.

● Click on “Register Now” and fill in the required details to sign up as a teacher

● Attach the documents of education, teaching experience, teaching certifications, and ID proof to get approved and verified as a tutor.

● Once you will get approval from TalentGum then your profile will get visible to the students.

● Contact any team member from TalentGum to get introduced to the best online tutoring platform and get familiar with it.

● A team member will support you and make sure you are ready to set your teaching schedule for your first online session.

● Another way to learn is to watch the TalentGum online classroom demo and try using the tools and features shown in it.

● Make sure to sharpen your profile by adding your bio, profile picture, and your teachable specialized subjects are mentioned on your profile. Set your availability and receive the right session requests from the students. 


Start tutoring!! The TalentGum has provided you all the tools that are required to host personalized tutoring sessions:

● Through video conferencing, you see your students face-to-face and speak to each other with high-quality voices.

● Using the digital whiteboard, you write, type, and draw while speaking with your students. 

● Through an instant messaging tool, you chat with your students and clear their doubts related to the topic/subject.

● Freely share the files by just uploading the relevant documents like study materials, assignments, and tests.

● Collaborate it on Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides for easy accessibility to the students from any device they use.

Now you are almost set with TalentGum and get ready for your first online session. What to do next? To find the right student for your right subject. Below are some tips for getting more students to book your online sessions:

● As mentioned above, ensure you have a complete profile with images, messages, and details of the subjects/topics as much as possible.

● After every online session, collect the ratings and reviews from the students which will help to improve your profile. 

● The highest-rated tutors with positive reviews will rank first in the list which will help to increase the visibility of your profile and attract new students across the world.

● Show your availability as flexible by keeping the right timezone in mind and then select your time slots, so that potential students will visit to book your sessions.

● If you are free for some time, then set your profile as available now so that students who need immediate lessons will book and have a live chat for your session.

● Always respond quickly when a student sends you an inquiry with a message. Your kind and helpful support for the students will make them happy.


These tips are sufficient and helpful for you to become an online tutor. Further, how will you make your online sessions successful? It's obvious that many students have never considered an online tutor before, or maybe new to this, few are already taking it, so you should prepare yourself and set the agenda. Then educate the students on how your online sessions are different from school or college and will work best for them by:

● Make an interactive and engaging session to remove distractions and boredom.

● Tell students to stop you and ask questions whenever they don’t understand the on-going topic.

● On-tim

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