Benefits of public speaking for child development

Public Speaking

What is public speaking


1) Merriam-Webster states that:


a) The process of making speeches in public is known as public speaking.


b) Public speaking is the art of effective oral communication with others.


2) According to Wikipedia:


Also known as oratory or oration, public speaking refers to the act of speaking either face to face or through online media to an audience.


Even though it’s considered an extracurricular activity by a majority of people, public speaking is necessary for all walks of life, no matter whether you are a student, a teacher, or a working professional.  


With necessary training our words can gain the power to influence people and help them understand our point of view. To establish clarity and authority in a conversation, getting trained in public speaking is a must.


Benefits of public speaking in daily life


1) To exchange information



The most common use of speech is to exchange information with each other. Humans are social animals. So, this exchange is vital in exchanging professional, academic, instructional, and other types of knowledge. 


2) To persuade or influence others



Powerful public speaking skills enable us to establish authority in a conversation and influence others with our words. 


Debates constitute the best example to prove this point. 


Sometimes, we need to be influential even in minor situations in our lives. For example, discussing where to plan a family trip, what to eat, how to minimize expenses, etc.


Additionally, quality speaking skills are helpful in captivating the audience in social gatherings, conferences, dates, meetings, etc.


3) To uplift others during difficult times 



Life is full of ups and downs. Words have the power to reach people’s hearts when they are hurting.


One of the greatest benefits of public speaking is that it teaches us to connect with people on an emotional level. 


Benefits of public speaking in Career 

1) Proves professional value to superiors



In addition to the extra monetary boost, entrepreneurs need one more skill to sell their business ideas to investors: persuasiveness. As entrepreneurs, we are required to present a structured business plan explaining how the product can solve a problem of the masses. In a similar fashion, a company's employees require excellent communication skills to convey their plans and ideas in conferences and meetings. 


Public speaking helps us to learn the art of storytelling, and win people over with confident speech and a strong body language.


2) Boosts professional network



Speaking at conferences, meetings and other events offers a huge opportunity to grow our professional network. 


Such networking events are great opportunities for like-minded people to meet and connect with each other personally. 


As a cherry on the cake, such events provide a platform where professionals can learn new strategies regarding their careers, and form profitable alliances with each other. 


However, the golden requirement of any interaction is clarity and confidence. A conversation is fruitless if we are not able to explain our point of view to the person or people we are talking to. 


As we have already discussed, training in public speech helps us to convey our message and thoughts in a clear fashion to others.


3) Helpful while giving a lecture or presentation



No matter whether we are employees, professors, or entrepreneurs, giving speeches at various events has an important role in building a decent personal or brand image. 


However, if our presentation skills are weak, things can go sideways, no matter how good our products or skills are.


This is the part where strong and influential speaking skills are required. 


For example, imagine an entrepreneur promoting their product while speaking confidently, displaying strong body language, and presenting successful customer stories.


Will this not be enough to influence people into trying out the product? In fact, according to successful marketers, the first requirement of selling a product is not its quality, but persuasive conversation skills.


4) In entertainment industry



Proper training in public speaking helps entertainers to present themselves in a fun and open way in front of their audience, let it be stand-up comedy, award ceremonies, marriage speeches, poetry, storytelling, etc. 


5) For career advancement



According to research conducted by Krystallyn Gracella Angeline from Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Indonesia, high-quality public speaking skills can help children to develop creativity and leadership qualities which are necessary to build credibility and value in their future careers.  


Training in public speaking ensures that we act professionally and confidently while giving and taking interviews. 


Not only that, the persuasive skills that public speaking teaches us can help in getting well-deserved promotions!


6) Maintains a positive work culture



A healthy working environment enables employees to express their ideas freely. 


This does not only increase friendliness among the team members, but also the overall output of each individual. 


7) Develops strong leadership skills



According to research conducted by Arnold John Malone  (University of Montana), quality public speaking skills help people to express themselves confidently in front of others. Eventually, their words gain the power to win people on their side. Strong leadership skills are necessary to climb the corporate ladder. 


Benefits of public speaking in personal life

1) Boosts Confidence



Public speaking is found to be helpful in boosting self-confidence within a person. The reason behind it is pretty simple. Speaking in front of an audience enables us to present our thoughts and beliefs to them.


When our arguments and points are praised by the audience, we feel appreciated and more confident than before.


2) Makes us comfortable in social gatherings



When it comes to social gatherings, many of us are unable to express ourselves openly. We tend to get uncomfortable and nervous in such settings. But as mentioned earlier, we humans are social animals. So, overcoming social anxiety is a necessity.


Though this is a very common problem, its solution is easier than it looks.


With adequate training in public speaking, we can learn to interact confidently and comfortably around people.  

3) Boosts critical thinking



According to research, well-polished public speaking skills are helpful in developing critical thinking & listening skills.

Public speaking does not only include speaking in front of an audience, but also researching content to prepare high quality speeches. 


The entire research process involves using creativity to help develop imagination. These components form the backbone in boosting critical thinking skills within a person.


4) Trains us to argue in a healthy manner



While presenting our beliefs and perspectives in a group, it’s important that we argue authoritatively but in a healthy manner.


Public speaking is necessary to shape arguments capable of influencing people. A great way to build this skill is to engage in Q & A sessions with the audience.


5) Teaches to be a good listener



There are always two sides of a coin. The same goes with a conversation. To increase the value of our words, it’s important that we pay attention and listen to the arguments made by others. 


This simple practice does not only increase mutual respect within the group, but toso helps us to learn a lot from others.


The benefits of public speaking for students 


1) Helps in school projects



Public speaking inculcates presentation skills in kids. But how does this play an important role in academics? In today's time, school projects require students to do extensive research and display quality presentation skills. 


Both these components are required while speaking in public.


2) Boosts vocabulary and language fluency



Public speaking teaches kids to speak fluently and professionally. Not only that, listening to the speeches of other people helps them to learn new words. 


3) Improves knowledge retention 



Though it might not look like it, public speaking is helpful in  improving the academic performance of students. 


Since public speaking involves speaking in front of an audience, students feel comfortable participating in class discussions and question-and-answer sessions. That's how they acquire knowledge as compared to kids without any experience in public speaking.


4) Makes kids spontaneous



With enough experience, kids become capable of improvising in their speech. When done correctly, improvisation can make the speech more interesting and entertaining than before.


The best part is that the art of spontaneity helps kids to develop a creative and problem-solving mindset necessary to soar high in academics.


How to overcome public speaking anxiety or stage fright?



In order to become a skilled public speaker, it's necessary to overcome stage fright or the fear of public speaking. Below are 4 useful tips to deal with this issue:


1. Practice it aloud


To make sure that we give the final patiently, it's a good idea to read it aloud among our friends or while being alone. This makes us aware of the force that we need to put in our words.


2. Practice in front of a group


To eradicate stage fright, practice in front of a small group.


3. Relax…


Giving a public speech can be a daunting one, especially for beginners. So, it's important that we relax ourselves as much as possible before giving the speech. The best way to do so is by listening to your favorite music.


4. Familiarity beats stage fright


When we acquire in-depth knowledge of our speech and topic, it becomes easier to relax while speaking in front of an audience. 


TalentGum: Online public speaking classes for kids

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