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Discover your childs hidden talents this summer

Summer Camp

Garmi ki chhuttiyaan hoti hai badi lambi, Ho jaate hai bachche bade bore to samajhana ye hota hai bada mushkil Kya kare kya kare yah!!


As the summer arrives, the thrill of summer vacation comes along. But in no time, kids start to complain about boredom. The school's academic curriculum is already very stressful for kids so adding the same burden during the summer vacations will not at all prove to be fruitful. The searing summer holidays can be utilized through summer camps. Summer camps have now become an integral part of every child. Summer camps are basically fun camps comprising extracurricular activities to develop skills and promote a learning environment. Summer camps equip children, kids, and teens with skills-based to face reality and contain curriculum apart from academic learning. 


There are somewhere around 45-60 days of summer vacation before the school reopens, so this generation's annual problem is finding a good way to spend it. Camps are retreats for children to grow and learn, both emotionally and socially, where they can discover themselves independently. 


Extracurricular activities such as dance, music, and art have long been used to help people heal, communicate effectively, and bring people together. These activities benefit cognitive, emotional, and social issues and the physical needs of people. It has proven to be an effective way to help alleviate symptoms and provide a sense of inner calm to people, especially children. Activities such as Music and Dance are also really fun; few pleasures in this world compare to the high you feel from letting your soul flow through your body and improvisation. 


The fact that these activities have been proven to enhance mood, increase feel-good feelings and improve emotion regulation are all powerful indicators that these activities may provide one of the best and certainly the most accessible, holistic approaches to improving mental health available to us today from the very initial stage as a kid. It will help kids develop peer relationships, encourage curiosity, communicate their feelings effectively, connect with nature, and learn how to be creative, which is a valuable transferable skill needed in life. Summer Camps are the one-stop destination for your children to improvise and discover their skills, as this is the perfect way to utilize the time.


Since the pandemic, summer camps have evolved to acquire the online space that makes them easily approachable and fun as it allows the parents to indulge and observe their kids growing in the safe space. 


With this thought and vision, TALENTGUM has also introduced its first-ever Online Summer Camp with fun-loaded activities like online dance classes, kyboard class online, creative art and craft, personality development, and the amazing touch of science activities that will assist your kid to explore, enrich and excel this Summer. Sounds exciting? 


What are you waiting for? Book your kid's seat for unlimited fun this summer. Visit


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