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Draw a lemon under 10 minutes step by step guide

Draw a Lemon under 10 Minutes

Did you know that lemons were extremely rare in medieval times? So, wealthy Victorian families used to grow lemon trees in their homes to showcase their prestige. Used by humans for more than 1,000 years, lemons are rich sources of Vitamin C and have countless benefits like reducing inflammation, controlling weight, preventing kidney stones, and so many more.


Have you ever heard the phrase: When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade? Truth be told, we can do so much more with lemons. 


These tropical citrus fruits are used to make mouth-watering food items like pies, Bhelpuri, lemon tarts, Chiffon cakes, lemon cheesecakes, etc. By sprinkling lemon juice on food, it becomes much more delicious and digestive than before.

To learn about more delicacies involving lemon, be sure to read the article published by BBC Good Food.


Additionally, lemons are used to make refreshing beverages like lemonade, lemon tea, honey and lemon drink, ginger juice, etc. Also, to add more flavor to a glass of Coca-Cola, bartenders often add a slice of lemon to it. 

Learn more about refresing lemon drinks from the blog post written by Yummly.


It might sound strange but lemons have been of utmost importance in the world of art for a long time. A few such paintings can be traced back to the 15 century. There have been many artists who have included these citrus fruits in their paintings. However, the Dutch painters of the 17th century glorified and normalized their use as potential art subjects.


Lemons became essential components in still-life Dutch paintings. The artworks of Pieter Claesz and Willem Claesz Elder are praiseworthy in this genre. The duo often depicted lemons onto pewter platters along with other items such as glassware, oysters, and empty background. 


The high involvement of lemons in the Dutch paintings can be attributed to the fruit's bright yellow color which provided a good contrast to darker items such as cutlery. It has also been theorized that painting a peeled lemon offered painters a great opportunity to show their artistic skills to their viewers.


Now that we have glanced over the significance of lemons in art, it's time to unleash our creativity. Through this blog post, we are going to learn how to draw a lemon in 6 easy steps. 


how to draw a lemon


Materials required 

Before we begin, make sure that you have the following items within reach:

1) Pencil

2) Pen or marker 

3) A sheet of paper

4) Coloring items such as crayons, markers, pencil colors, etc.

Now, without any further ado, let's begin!


Step 1

how to draw a lemon

The first step in designing our lemon sketch is to draw an ellipse. By tilting this shape to a little left or right, we can add a better visual appeal to our art. Remember to draw this shape in the middle of your drawing sheet so that the drawing looks neat and organized. 


Step 2

 how to draw a lemon

Now, draw a cute little curve at the top of the ellipse. This curve represents the bump present on the lemon. Once done, we will repeat the above process. We will be adding another bump to the ellipse. However, the curve should be drawn at the bottom of the shape this time. 


Step 3

how to draw a lemon 

To make a realistic lemon drawing, it's necessary to erase the ellipse’s boundary from the areas that connect to the two bumps of the lemon. (Refer to the above image to clear any doubts)


Step 4

how to draw a lemon

Now, let’s design the stem of our lemon. First of all, we will begin by drawing the left side of our lemon’s stem. All we need to do is to draw a vertical curved line just above the bump that we drew at the top of the lemon. Now, it's time to draw a line parallel to the first line. Once done, let's connect the top of each line as shown in the above figure. 


Next, we will be drawing a shape that resembles a drop of water. We will draw this shape on each side of the stem. The inclusion of such shapes in our lemon art will give the appearance of leaves attached to each side of the lemon's stem. So, we have successfully added a stem and two beautiful leaves to our lemon drawing. 


Step 5

 how to draw a lemon

We have finally completed our overall lemon drawing with pencil. However, to make our art more appealing and realistic, it's necessary to give texture to our lemon drawing. To achieve this, we will draw multiple dots of various sizes on the bottom region of the lemon. Observe the above image to draw with more precision. 


Step 6

how to draw a lemon

There you go. We have drawn the entire body of the lemon successfully. However, a piece of art is never complete without colors. Let's showcase the true beauty of our art by immersing it in the magic of colors.


Before we begin coloring, bring a lemon from your kitchen, and observe it. It’s a round little fruit with a pale yellow body and green leaves. So, let’s pick up our crayons and finish our masterpiece!


Additionally, in order to enjoy the coloring process even more, you can cross the boundaries of reality! For example, you can use blue, purple, golden and many other colors to make your drawing experience more enjoyable.


Congratulations! You have completed your lemon drawing successfully!


We hope you liked this tutorial. Be sure to check out our other drawing tutorials as well. Happy coloring!


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