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How to draw a rat with simple shapes

How to draw a rat with simple shapes

Here's a rat riddle for you: What is the type of car insurance that rats have? 

Road dent insurance. Hope you got it…


Though it may not seem like it, rats are known to be very social. They show a considerate amount of affection to their fellow members. Furthermore, various studies have shown that these creatures can be as intelligent as dogs!


Today, we are going to learn how to draw a rat using simple shapes. So, let's get started!


Step 1



Our first step will be to draw the lower body and head of the rat. This can be easily done by drawing a rectangle. 


Step 2



Now, it's time to draw the ears of our rat. To achieve this, let's draw two tilted ovals over the upper corners of the rectangle. Refer to the above image for more clarity. 


Step 3



With step 2 completed, let's refine the ears further. For this, erase the lower portions of the ellipses and the rectangle's upper corners. 


Step 4



This step is necessary for a more realistic rat drawing.


To complete the structure of the ears, let's add small patches in the outer portions of the ears. For this, draw a smaller ellipse in each of the ears (as shown in the above image). 


Step 5



Now, let's help our friend to see better. To create the rat's eyes, let's draw two Cs (one mirroring the other) in our rat sketch.

Take a look at the above image to understand precisely.


Step 6



Let's complete designing the eyes by adding pupils to them. Draw a small circle in each of the eyes.


Note: To beautify our rat drawing further, we can thicken the outline of every shape.


Step 7



Now, let's give a cute nose to our little friend. For this, we will draw a small ellipse below the two eyes. This will be our first step toward designing the nose.


Step 8



To finish the design of the nose, draw 2 curves that protrude from it and proceed toward the eyes. To gain more clarity, observe the above image. Once done with this step, our rat's nose is finally complete.


Step 9



Now, it's time to provide two arms to the rat.


For this, let's draw two Ls (one mirroring the other) in our rat sketch in such a manner that each of them touches the vertical lines of the rectangle. Observe the above image to understand better.


Step 10


Let's add feet to our rat drawing. This can be easily achieved by drawing two half circles on the lower horizontal edge of the rectangle as shown in the above illustration.


Step 11


To make our rat more handsome and stylish, let's give it some whiskers. To showcase this, draw four lines protruding out of its nose. And…it's done!


Step 12



Here's a question for you. What is a bank account without money? Similarly, what is a rat without its tail? In this step, we are going to draw a tail in our rat drawing. To do so, draw an "S" shaped curve from the lower left or right corner of the rat's body.


Finally, the design of our rat is complete now! 


Step 13



Now comes the most exciting part! Let's add beautiful color combinations to our rat drawing.


The inner portion of the ears and the nose can be colored pink or purple. We can use black or dark blue for coloring the pupils. The feet and tail can be colored in dark grey. For the rest of the body, use light grey color as shown in the above image.


Congratulations, our masterpiece is finally ready! Be sure to visit our other blog posts for more learning.


But the fun isn't over yet! As a token of appreciation for completing this art tutorial, we bring you some exciting information about rats that you will love reading. So, let's continue.


The rats are awesome! Here's why…


1) They are highly moral and empathetic



Neurobiologist Peggy Mason from the University of Chicago conducted an experiment that showed the empathetic side of rats.


The neurobiologist put two objects in front of a rat. The first object was a piece of chocolate. Remember that due to their pleasant aroma, chocolates are well-liked by rats. The second object was a plexiglass tube in which another rat was trapped.


Instead of eating the chocolate, the rat decided to free the rodent trapped in the plexiglass container. Let's discuss one more research that showed the high moral values of rats. 


This experiment was conducted by the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in Lisbon. Rats were grouped or paired together where one rat was the helper of its partner. While the partner rat was isolated, the helper rat was placed at the end of a T-shaped maze where two transparent doors were present.


The rat was given the choice to tap on one of these doors. If it touched door 1, a single pellet of food would be given to it. On tapping door 2, it would get 2 pellets of food. 70% of the time, the helper rats chose the door with two food pellets, one for themselves and the other for their partners.


This experiment showed a positive and empathetic attitude in rats, where only one of the 15 helper rats acted selfishly.


2) Rats are smart and intelligent



Compared to other animals, rats are smarter and more intelligent. 


According to research conducted by Ben Vermaercke and his colleagues, rats performed much better than humans in cognitive tests!


Thanks to their high intellect, it's very common for researchers to choose rats as the experiment's test subjects. These creatures do not have it in their nature to act out of curiosity.


The fear of change or trying out new things is known as neophobia. This phobia is also found in us humans. To explain it in simpler terms, if a change is introduced into the normal life of a rat, it remains suspicious of it. This continues until the rodent realizes that the change poses no threat to it. Furthermore, rats are highly receptive to their environments. 


Here's a fact to back this theory up. With long exposure to human company, pet rats can not only understand the names given to them by their owners but also bits of human words. 


3) They love laughing and showing affection



Rats love to express affection. In some cases, they can be as affectionate as dogs. They even love snuggling! According to a study conducted by the Humboldt University of Germany, rats love to laugh while being tickled by humans.


As per the study, when neurobiologists tickled the stomachs, tails, and backs of the animals, they produced high-pitched laughter. This sound belongs to a higher spectrum of frequency. So, it's not audible to human ears. The rats even jumped joyfully, showing their excitement and affection for being tickled. Not only that, but as soon as the tickling stopped, they began to search for the hand. 


4) Rats help to grow and preserve mother nature



Though it may not seem like it, rats play a vital role in preserving nature and the ecosystem. They become a medium for growing vegetation and trees. Let's discuss how.


Rats help in the growth of trees and vegetation by spreading seeds. They often carry a variety of seeds to their underground homes for later consumption. This gives the seeds all the requirements to grow into trees or vegetation. For example, Kangaroo rats of the North American region play a major role in the spreading and sprouting of seeds.


5) A temple where rats are worshiped!



You read it right. Located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, Karni Mata Temple is also known as the temple of rats. This place is a house to almost 25,000 rats. (both black and white). These rats are considered highly sacred by the locals.


This is a famous tourist spot where people from all over the world visit to pay their respects. But what is the story behind this place? Why are rats highly revered here? Let's glance over the tale behind this place. No pun intended!


According to folklore, Karni Mata was a warrior and a nomad. 


One day, her son (Laxman) was trying to drink water from a nearby sarovar or pond. Suddenly, he lost his balance and drowned. Unfortunately, no one could save him from death. Heartbroken, Karni Mata pleaded to Lord Yamraj, the God of death, to bring her child back to life. 


Her desperate sobs melted his heart and he agreed to bring her son back into the mortal realm. But he too had a condition. He stated that he could bring her son back to life, but not in human form. 


He gave a boon to Karni Mata that her son would be reincarnated as a rat. Additionally, all her male descendants would be reborn as rats once their human lives ended. 


From that point in time, rats are respected and worshiped at the Karni Mata temple.


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