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How to make a beautiful kali maa drawing

How to Make a Beautiful Kali Maa Drawing

How to Make a Beautiful Kali Maa Drawing


Kali Maa is revered as a loving Mother Goddess in the Hindu tradition. Her greatness is captured in beautiful Kali Maa drawings. Globally, children create Kali Maa drawings during Navaratri and Durga Puja.


She symbolizes the death of the ego, the ultimate goal of life. As a parent, you can teach your child to make a beautiful Kali Maa drawing.



Creativity takes courage – Henri Matisse.


What are the benefits for your child from making Kali Maa drawings?


Creating Kali Maa drawings goes beyond learning drawing skills. It also provides several other benefits for both parents and kids:


1) Teach elements of Hinduism: Art-based learning helps children have a fun experience as they apply Hindu teachings. Most kids grasp concepts better through visual projects. Kali Maa is a symbol of duty, love, and liberation from the cycle of rebirth (moksha).


So, training your kids to create Kali Maa drawings can help them understand traditional goals in life. As the first gurus, parents can teach elements of Hinduism to their children by example, explanation, feedback, and guidance. Art and Craft combine all these four teaching strategies.


2) Build qualifications in life: Kali literally means “She who is black” or “the dark one.” Renowned teacher Sri Ramakrishna said: “You see her only as black because you are far away from her.


Come near, and you will find her devoid of all color.” World-famous Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the Soul the dust of everyday life.” Both Ramakrishna and Picasso agree on the need to cleanse the Soul. Destruction of the ego (Moksha) means cleaning the dust or darkness from the Soul.


It allows the light in you to shine. This self-improvement process requires patience, courage, tolerance, humbleness, peacefulness, and virtue. Making Kali Maa drawings can remind us of this goal and cultivate these qualifications.


3) Prepare children for their future profession: Art is the best form of communication. Teaching your children how to create beautiful drawings can help them express their creativity and imagination and improve their observational skills.


These skills are crucial for professionals such as medical doctors and art directors. A study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, showed that the ability of medical students to make accurate observations for diagnoses increased by 38% after they attended an Art course and observed fine artworks. Another study published inCommun. Med. 2019 Jan.’ showed that 92% of surveyed surgeons valued drawing routinely in practice.


A growing number of art classes in the US are offered to medical students yearly.




How to Create a Beautiful Kali Maa Drawing for Beginners




Kali Maa paintings come in different styles and sizes. Beginners can start with a simple drawing of Kali’s face. According to legend, Kali received her beautiful face from Shiva and her hair from Yama. Your painting should capture Kali's beauty and strength.


First, draw an oval shape for the head. Then, create a wavy line for the hairline on the top section and add a crown.


Kali got her teeth from the ten sons of Brahma, her nose from Kubera, and her ears from the wind. She received three eyes from Agni, the Fire God. Ensure each element proclaims her beauty. Draw the first eye in the middle of her forehead. Then, sketch the eyebrows, two eyes, and nose.


One of the unique features captured by Kali Maa's drawings is her lolling tongue. Draw her tongue extended from the mouth downwards. You can erase and redraw the eyes, nose, mouth, and tongue several times until they are perfectly sized and symmetrical.




Kali Maa is portrayed with blue or black skin. You can paint her face blue. Then, use white on her teeth and golden yellow on her crown. Combine different shades to ensure Kali’s beautiful facial features pop out.



Kali’s lolling tongue drips blood. According to legend, the blood of the demon Raktabija spawned another demon whenever it touched the earth. So, Kali cut off his head and drank his blood. This move ensured no more demons could menace the world. Paint the tongue red to capture this element. This step-by-step process can help you teach your child to make their first Kali Maa drawing.


How Professionals Create Kali Maa Drawings


Artists with advanced skills combine different strategies to create high-quality Kali paintings. Parents can enroll their children in an art and craft course to help them design detailed Kali Maa drawings. Here is how professionals create beautiful Kali Maa paintings:


Step 1: Create a Symmetrical Outline


A beautiful Kali Maa drawing should be symmetrical. You’ll need to create a sketch to ensure all elements are perfectly balanced. Use a pencil to draw a rough outline with light, erasable lines.


For example, you can draw an oval shape for the head and smooth curves for the neck, shoulders, and arms. Like many Hindu deities, Kali Maa has a multiple-armed figure with four, eight, ten, twelve, or eighteen arms. Consider how each element fits into your drawing.




Each arm should be visible. But drawing several limbs can be challenging for beginners. You can start with four arms for your first drawing. To ensure symmetry, sketch two arms flowing from the shoulders on either side of the body. Each arm should be slightly bent at the elbow.


Draw an additional arm emerging between the shoulder and the elbow. You can use circles for the hands. Then, erase the circles later and replace them with creatively-drawn hands.


Step 2: Draw Facial Features


Most paintings feature Kali Maa with a terrifying expression and a long extended tongue hanging out of her mouth. Remember, you drew an oval shape to represent the head in Step 1.


You’ll need to add facial features to proclaim Kali’s beauty and motherly love. First, draw a straight line cutting the oval into two equal sections and three horizontal lines where the eyes, nose, and mouth should be. This step ensures all facial features are symmetrical.



Draw the first eye on the forehead, then the eyebrows, and two eyes on the top horizontal line. The nose should be on the middle horizontal line, with the mouth on the lowest horizontal line.


Step 3: Draw Bodily Features and Objects


According to legend, Kali received a trident from Shiva, a wheel and mace from Vishnu, a conch from Varuna, a water pot from Brahma, and a spear from Agni. She also got a sword and shield from Time, flowers from the sea god, a goblet from Kubera, a snake garland from Anantha, and a quiver with arrows from Vayu.


Most Kali Maa drawings depict her holding these objects. But you can also draw Kali with a dagger, whip, drum, cup, chakra, noose, bell, or a severed head in one hand. Don’t forget to include the bangles, a crest jewel, ear studs, crescent moon, armlets, and toe rings from Vishwakarma.


Choose the most appropriate objects for your drawing. Most drawings portray Kali Maa as the slayer of demons. Kali wears a necklace of decapitated heads, reinforcing the idea that she is ready to take on the torment of this world. Here is an example of a Kali Maa drawing with her necklace, a severed head, and implements.



After inserting all the elements into your drawing, you can make each line bolder. Enhance contrast and visibility with darker shades.


Step 4: Colouring


You can combine different colors to ensure Kali Maa pops out as the Mother Goddess. Use blue or black on her skin and enhance the visual effect with contrasting shades.


For example, Prussian blue is darker than cobalt blue. So, you can use Prussian blue on the chin, cheeks, forehead, and nose. Then, contrast by applying cobalt blue around the eyes, nose ridge, and upper lip.


Beautiful Kali Maa paintings use different shades of red for the tongue and lips. Remember, Kali’s tongue drips blood. So, you can use primary red on her lips and dark red on her tongue.


Apply pearl white on her teeth and golden yellow on her crown and jewels. Black is the best option for Kali’s lush eyebrows and eyelashes. Then, use white on the eye with yellow and black on the iris. Combine contrasting colors creatively to ensure Kali's fearsome eyes pops out.


Bottom Line


Kali Maa is the Mother Goddess, symbolizing duty, liberation, and motherly love. Teaching your children how to make Kali Maa drawings can help them understand and apply the principles of Hinduism in their lives. As kids make beautiful Kali Maa drawings, they acquire spiritual and mental growth. So, the process nurtures beautiful children.


At Talent Gum, we believe art is one of the best forms of expression. If your child is passionate about expressing emotions through art, you can enroll your kid in our online art and craft course. Our Art and Craft classes are designed by professional artists to help beginners develop a strong foundation in art. 


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