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How to make easy republic day drawings

Republic Day Drawing

Republic Day Drawing

On 26 January 1950, India marked its first Republic Day as the nation’s Constitution came into effect. Over 70 years later, billions celebrate this day with pomp and pride across India and globally. This day is more than a public holiday. It is a symbol of the true spirit and pride of independent India.

On Republic Day, Indians acknowledge and celebrate the great men and women who sacrificed and struggled for many years to free India from British rule. People from different backgrounds come together to show their patriotism to India. You can make this day memorable for your kids by teaching them to make Republic Day drawings. How? Read on to find out.



Why teach kids to make Republic Day drawings?

Spending the holiday with family and friends is exciting. You can draw with your loved ones to create memories that last for a lifetime. Art and craft projects can teach your kids the meaning of patriotism, freedom, courage, and independence. Patriotism goes beyond raising the national flag and singing the national anthem.

As a parent, you should raise responsible future citizens. Art and craft projects allow you to introduce your children to patriotism on Republic Day without compromising family bonding time. Don't forget to share your Republic Day drawings with friends, family, and followers on social media.



How to make easy Republic Day drawings

Step-by-step tutorial to create a beautiful Republic Day Drawing 


Republic Day drawings come in different shapes and designs. But they all feature the tricolor of the national flag. Follow these steps to create a simple Republic Day drawing with your kids:


Step 1: Sketch all the elements

Draw a large circle in the middle of your paper or canvas. You can use a drawing compass or circular object to create the perfect circle. Then, sketch two overlapping and gently sloping ridges. Use a ruler to draw a flag pole at the center. Add the national flag flying in the wind at the top of the flag pole. First, sketch four wavy lines from the flag pole to the right with a vertical line at the end. Then, add a small circle with four intercrossing lines on your flag between the second and the third wavy line.

The idea is to depict an environment that screams peace, freedom, and prosperity. All these ideologies convey the message of “Happy Republic Day.” So, you’ll need to add a warm, welcoming sun rising on the horizon. Nothing screams freedom more than birds flying in the sky. Don’t forget to add lush vegetation and clouds in the sky.



Step 2: Emphasize the elements with coloring

Highlight all the elements with bond lines. Then, use appropriate and celebratory colors to ensure each feature pops out. Lush green is ideal for grass and vegetation in the background.

The scene should be warm and welcoming. So, golden yellow for the sun and light blue for the sky. Remember, the Indian national flag has three distinct colors – orange at the top, white in the middle, and green at the bottom. As your kids paint the flag, teach them the meaning of each color. Children can recreate this easy Republic Day drawing and learn more about patriotism and Indian pride.



Examples of Republic Day Drawings

India is a melting pot of religions, cultures, castes, and languages. So, there is no one-fits-all Republic Day drawing. Artists use illustrations to communicate their definitions of patriotism, peace, freedom, and independence. What does Republic Day mean to you and your family? Here are four examples of Republic Day drawings:


Example 1: Republic Day Mandala Art 

Mandala is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning circle. This centuries-old art form symbolizes the utopian universe and the transformation from suffering to joy. You can teach your kids to create Republic Day mandala art. As children draw, they'll learn about India's transformation from an oppressed British colony to a prosperous and peaceful independent nation. In this example of Republic Day mandala art, the artist combines symmetry, geometry, and color to convey the message of peace and patriotism.

Mandala art is all about creating a peaceful island in the universe. First, draw a circular shape using a compass. You can start with a big circle and add smaller ones inside. Don't move the compass's needle at the center. Then, draw several lines that intersect at the center to divide the circle into equal sections. There are no rules on how many circles or lines to include in mandalas. Create another smaller circular shape on the right. The outer curve of both should touch. Then, erase the arcs and lines inside the new circle and draw the Indian national flag. Ensure you get the flag's tricolor right. Lastly, use intricate and aesthetically pleasing designs to decorate the big circle. You can add "Happy Republic Day" inside the smaller inner circle or leave it untouched to create a perception of peace and tranquillity. 


Example 2: Patriotism and Peace

How do you teach your kids to live in peace with others? Art and craft projects can help you achieve this goal. In this example of Republic Day drawing, the artist conveys the message of peace and patriotism. A patriotic boy stands and salutes the national flag flying high in the wind.

The dove is a universal peace symbol. The artist included a white dove flying close to the flag to reinforce the value of living in peace with each other.


Example 3: Republic Day Sketch

Republic Day provides a unique opportunity to spread love globally. You can teach your kids the meaning of love through art and craft projects. This example of a Republic Day sketch combines the ideologies of love, equality, and unity. A boy and a girl hold hands with the Indian national flag in the background. You can feel the love in their smiles and shiny eyes.

The artist depicts the boy and the girl with three balloons each – orange, white, and green. This addition reinforces the ideology of equality. As an independent nation, India guarantees and protects the rights of all genders. This example of a Republic Day sketch can teach your kids the benefits of living in unity and loving each other.


Example 4: Happy Republic Day!

There is no happiness without peace. This example of the "Happy Republic Day” sketch depicts two doves flying above the Indian national flag. Combining both elements in a single frame reinforces the idea that India is an independent and peaceful nation. As children create this sketch, they'll learn that we are all free to pursue happiness.

The artist presents independent India as a prosperous nation by adding a lush, flowery branch in the sketch. You can also use an olive branch to reinforce the message of peace. Both the dove and olive branches are universal peace symbols. Don't forget to include "Happy Republic Day" in your sketch.


Example 5: Fly India, Fly!

One of nature's wonders is how larvae transform into beautiful butterflies. You can teach your child to draw India's national flag as a butterfly to celebrate Republic Day. This example of a Republic Day drawing represents India's transformation from an underdeveloped British colony to a beautiful and prosperous nation.

Sketch the butterfly first. Then, paint the wings with the colors of India's national flag. Ensure to teach your kids the meaning of each color as they draw.




India’s Republic Day is more than a public holiday. It offers a unique opportunity for families and friends to bond, celebrate freedom fighters, and show patriotism through art and craft projects. You can teach your kids to create easy Republic Day drawings and help them learn about peace, love, and unity. Republic Day mandala art can also educate children and nurture patriotic and responsible future citizens. As a parent, you can rely on the examples in this article to teach your kids to make Republic Day drawings. You can also enroll your children in an art and craft course to develop a strong foundation in art.


At TalentGum, we acknowledge and celebrate the brave men and women whose sacrifices delivered India’s independence. We leverage art and craft projects to nurture responsible and patriotic citizens of the future. If your child is passionate about art, you can enroll them in our online Art and Craft course. Each class is designed by skilled artists to help beginners create art like professionals.  


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