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Learn to draw a light bulb in 10 steps

Draw a light bulb

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department(California) has a light bulb that has been illuminating continuously since 1901?

Light bulbs have become an inseparable component in our daily lives. Thanks to their artificial illumination, darkness is no longer an obstacle to accomplishing our day-to-day activities.

In this blog post, we are going to get creative and learn how to make a beautiful light bulb drawing within 10 simple steps. Remember to hold your pencil lightly while drawing because you will have to erase a few parts of the drawing later. Let’s begin!


Step 1

how to draw a light bulb

Draw a circle on the upper half of your drawing sheet. This circle represents the curved body of the bulb.

Note: To draw a perfect circle in the light bulb drawing, you can use tools like your mother’s bangles, or a compass.


Step 2 

how to draw a light bulb

Just under the circle, draw a cone-like shape as shown in the above image. Make sure that the edges of the two shapes are aligned smoothly with each other.


Step 3

how to draw a light bulb

To obtain a clear shape of the light bulb, it’s important to erase the bottom part of the circle.


Step 4

how to draw a light bulb

Now, it’s time to take our light bulb drawing further. To create the first layer of the base, draw a thin and long curve just below the bulb’s base.


Step 5

how to draw a light bulb

Similarly, draw the second layer of the bulb (as shown in the above image).


Step 6

how to draw a light bulb

Finally, draw the third layer by repeating the process explained in steps 4 and 5. Make sure that all the 3 layers are drawn identically to each other.


Step 7

how to draw a light bulb

Now that the bulb’s three layers are finally drawn, let’s continue with our creative light bulb drawing by adding the bottom part of the bulb which connects to the socket. For this, draw a slanting line on each side of the third layer’s bottom. Finally, join the bottom points of these lines by drawing a  slight curve as illustrated in the above image.


Step 8 

how to draw a light bulb

Let’s complete our light bulb drawing by adding the wire or the filament to it. Starting from the cap’s first layer, draw two slanting lines (about an inch long). Now, connect the upper points of these lines by drawing a spiral line as shown in the above image.


Step 9 

how to draw a light bulb

Now, to make our drawing of the electric bulb more realistic, let’s illuminate our bulb. To showcase the illumination effect, refer to the above image and draw small lines which are perpendicular to the bulb’s surface. 


Step 10

how to draw a light bulb

So, our drawing of the electric bulb is finally complete! However, every piece of art is incomplete without colors. So now, it’s time to hold your crayons. Today light bulbs are available in lots of fancy colors like white, blue, yellow, green, red, etc. So, you have many options to choose from! Finally, our drawing is complete. Well done! We hope you learned and enjoyed this tutorial.


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