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Online extracurricular activities the best helping aid for kids and parents

Advantages of Online Extra Curricular Activities

Among the many challenges of virtual schooling is the loss of engagement in extracurricular activities among children. One of the recommendations of the National Education Policy 2020 was that there be no hard separation between curricular, extracurricular, and co-curricular activities. And while every educator and parent agrees that we should prioritize children's holistic development, there have been many hurdles to it during the pandemic. 


This shift to online education has highlighted various positive aspects as well. A few of the most relatable benefits are enlisted below.


1. Ease of supervision of Kids: The concept of online education was limited only to a niche audience until the global pandemic hit, and everyone was forced to switch to the online mode. This gave the parents a chance to closely observe their children in a set-up and look at their kid's progress. With the introduction of online extracurricular activities, parents have the liberty to supervise and guide their kids well.


2. Safety from the Virus: With the Virus raging outside, it becomes really tough for the parents to maintain the safety of the kids. Learning extracurricular at the comfort and safety of home is the most promising alternative in times like these. Online extracurricular activities also provide you with a hassle-free arrangement with cut down on travel and flexible timings.


3. Parent-Friendly: Every child has an hidden talent that does not necessarily relate to academics. With your support and nurture, these little buds grow into beautiful flowers. With the comfort of online extracurricular classes, you can efficiently book a demo class at your home and watch your kid tune into their favourite activity, and explore multiple options to find their right fit. This saves you from the hassle of venturing from one institute to another. This opportunity also aids you in mapping the progress of your kid with every class by taking regular feedback and even providing a helping hand to your kid during times of struggle.  


4. Tech-savvy Kids: As we progress in the Virtual world, your kids have to match up with speed of technology advancement. This opportunity of taking the extra-curricular classes online provides them with opportunities to interact with technology and understand its working. This also helps the kids become independent and find their way out themselves smartly. It enhances their cognitive and analytical skills.


5. Freedom to Choose: The Online Extra Curricular activities gives the freedom to choose from the various different options. The barriers of distance get nullified with online learning opportunities, you could be in the US and learn Bharatnatyam with an expert from India and vice versa! This opportunity provides with the stage to explore from diverse options from the comfort of your home. This helps in enriching and exceling in the field of your kid’s interest. 


If you are a parent whose child is indulging in school and tuition classes online, it is highly recommended that you explore some form of online extracurricular activities for them. Until the virus continues to haunt us, online extracurricular activities are the best way for children to explore their multidimensional selves and develop their personality from the comfort of home.


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