The art of choosing the right extra curricular activity for your child

Choosing the right extra curricular activity

Knock Knock? Have you thought of selecting an extra-curricular activity for your little bud?

"We are the creatures on this planet that have the capacity of self-awareness, playing out our role just the same as all else."- Bryan Kest.

In this rapidly evolving world, the key to pace up is self-awareness. Exploring the possibilities of self-improvement and empowerment, the role of extracurricular activities is major. It provides one with the freedom of thought, which also helps in overall personality development. Truth be told, there is no starting point to this. A child in his initial stages of life is the same as a blank canvas. The beauty of the final painting on that canvas depends on the experiences gathered by the child. As a parent, it becomes your duty to fill the colors on the canvas and make it the best version.

Finding the 'right' extracurricular activity for children can prove to be tough for parents. With all that goes into parenting, surely parents want to make sure they are doing it efficiently. The benefits of extracurriculars for children are numerous, including building social skills, increasing self-esteem, and developing a self-identity. Hence below are a few amazing handy tips to find the best extracurriculars that suit your kid. 


1) Age of your kid

How much you guide your child toward a certain activity will depend on your child's age. If you have a younger child, you may need to provide a lot of effort and direction to find the right activity.

For a high schooler, you may want to suggest a few different possibilities and let them find an activity that sounds interesting or fun. Observe your little bud growing, look for the hints they are trying to convey, and aid them in deciding what is best for their progressive growth.


2) Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your kid

Is your child really strong at color coordinating but not so much at swiftly tipping toeing? This might indicate a strong interest towards an art or painting talent. Parents should consider these things when helping their little one decide on an extracurricular. The experts suggest that extracurriculars are a great time for children to play up to their strengths and overcome weaknesses.


3) Evaluate your child’s growth

Make sure you weigh down the gains the activity will add to your child's growth while selecting it for your kid. Just be careful not to overschedule your child with extracurricular activities. Many child health experts encourage parents to make sure children have at least one day a week without an organized extracurricular activity to have free time to relax and recharge.


4) Do a trial run

Be attentive and look for the organizations that excel in providing the platform for your child's growth. In this post-pandemic world, we have the ease of bringing such activities to the comfort of our homes. This can be a great way to gauge your child's interest. This can give both parents and children an effective idea about what the activity will be like once it gets going. If you notice your little one light up, you may as well just sign them up.

If any of these things sound interesting, it may be time to encourage your little bud to take up an extra activity. While it can be beneficial to explore these activities for self-improvement, you as a parent can oversee that things are going in a positive direction. We here at TalentGum provide you with the freedom to explore over 15 different extracurricular courses and attend a free demo for any course. Visit https://talentgum.com/ and start exploring!!

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