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The weight of extracurriculars in the college admissions

Weightage of Extracurriculars in the Admissions

Admissions counselors across the globe believe extracurriculars can play a decisive role, especially when they might contrast sharply with other aspects of a student's profile. For instance, admissions counselors may have reservations about an achiever student who has not contributed to their community in a meaningful way. On the other hand, extensive community involvement can favour an applicant who does not stand out academically.

While extracurriculars should not be a college applicant's top concern, their value in the college admissions decision should not be overlooked.



When admissions committees view an application holistically, they look for noticeable patterns among the activities a person has been involved in. Participation in different activities may convey the message that an individual is science-oriented, musically inclined, athletic, a humanitarian and so forth. Having some variety in your application is certainly beneficial.


Commitment Level

Colleges wish to see that applicants are committed to the extracurriculars they choose. One way to showcase your kid's commitment is through the period of your participation in an activity. The longer your kids have been involved in a pursuit, the better it will look on your application. You can direct the application reader's attention to the most important items.


Leadership Quality

The level of your participation in extracurriculars is equally important as the duration. It adds a competitive edge to your kids' application to indicate that you went from being a part of the group to consistently performing well and emerging as a leader. These status changes demonstrate both commitment and leadership skills, which are highly valued.


Strengthen Social Skills

The demand for confident individuals has always been the prime factor for selecting any domain, may it be university or job. Foreign Universities handpick this kind of student with a high inclination towards extracurricular activities as they serve your kid a chance to peek into the outer world and develop their soft skills outside the academics.


Specimen of Adaptability

Extracurricular activities are a tell-tale of the student's adaptability to the different surroundings. It also reinforces your kids' mental well-being, which is an absolute necessity for every career and personal life. Foreign universities want to be sure of the fact that your kid can adapt to the surroundings away from their comfort.


If there is one thing we know for sure about the foreign universities' application process, foreign colleges are genuinely interested in who your kid is and what matters to them. Foreign colleges and universities ask the most in-depth questions and ask extensively about student hobbies. Extracurriculars account for about 30%-40% of your kids' applications in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. With the elimination of academic scores and the trend of universities going test-optional, extracurricular activities are the one component that continues to carry a lot of weight. These commitments do not happen overnight. You must build a strong foundation for your kid from the initial years.


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