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Tips to encourage your child to participate in extracurricular activities

Extracurricular Activities

Videogames, television, and other modern technology may be major distractions for children nowadays, especially when they finish their assignments after school. With all of today's distractions, it might be tough to convince your children to do something other than playing video games. In this chilling weather, encouraging your children to go outside and engage in an outdoor activity might be extremely tough. If your child does not appear to be interested in Outdoor sports then encourage your child in extracurricular activities such as Dance, music, yoga, arts/ craft, etc. as these strategies may help you inspire them to put down the video game and have some fun. TalentGum is the right platform for your child to excel in extracurricular activities. With TalentGum, you get a great deal of information and exciting classes specially designed for young brains.

Today, many parents enroll their students in extracurricular activities for multiple reasons. Today we will list down all the tips that will motivate your child in participating in extracurricular activities.


Select an Activity that your child loves to enjoy

This is the most essential motivator for encouraging your child to enjoy an extracurricular activity because it will not help them for the long term if they are entirely indifferent. Take them to an activity that they could be interested in. TalentGum hosts live online dance classes for kids aged 4 to 14 years. Book a free demo class today and choose the best activity for your children.


Efforts Matters:

If your child abandons a new activity after one effort, you should urge them to try again. Make every effort to encourage them so that they will feel confident enough to try again. Finally, teaching them that the key to success is attempting and finishing what you start.


Never Force your child

If your child participates in a form of activity that they do not love, do not push to continue that activity any longer. Forcing your child to participate in something that makes them unhappy might backfire and cause them to dislike the activity for a longer duration.


Allow your child to Showcase their Talent

Increasing your child's exposure to newly discovered activities and developed skills may be a fantastic method to push a kid to keep going. When your child brings home an art piece, show it to a friend and invite him to talk about it. Similarly, if your child is passionate about music, ask him to play his favorite piece or the one which he or she learned in class. Also, allow your child to showcase their talent in family functions or school events which will definitely boost their confidence.


Reinforce relationships with like-minded Friends 

Strengthen ties with individuals who share similar values. Your child may already have a large number of friends. However, if he has discovered a pastime, being in the company of people who share his interests may be a wonderful motivator. 


Reward the effort rather than the outcome

When parents can educate their children to focus on effort rather than outcome, they are teaching them a critical ability for developing perseverance. Your child may not be able to acquire a certain result. However, he has control over how much he practices. This sense of control is empowering for kids and motivates them to go the distance without letting unpredictable factors deter them.


Extracurricular activities are activities that you do outside the classroom. These activities might include music, drawing and painting, dancing, arts, or any other activity other than schoolwork. Parents nowadays place a high value on their children's holistic development rather than only academic success.

TalentGum is offering Online Extracurricular activities sessions, especially for your kids. The curriculum of all the subjects including Dance, Music, Arts/ Paint, Chess, Yoga and many more is specially designed for the benefit of young minds. With the online Extracurricular sessions, you get access to optimized course content, materials, lessons, and activities that help you guide your child through the process of learning. Not only this session will keep your child engaged in fun activities, but it will also help him/ her grow as well. Getting your child involved in online extracurricular activities will help them develop physically, emotionally, and socially. Your child may participate in a variety of exciting physical activities – so many that picking just one might be difficult!

Pursue certified extra-curricular activities with TalentGum!


Now, with all that said, we extend our hand to take you and your child on a beautiful journey full of holistic learning and fun! At TalentGum, we offer you a wide range of online extra-curricular courses such as online keyboard classes, online art and craft classes and many more that are expertly curated and customized for children in the age group of 4-14 years.


Remember: Your child's satisfaction is our motivation! That's why our team has chosen the best teaching faculty from India’s top 5% talent pool and included the most practical learning materials in our courses to ensure visible progress in your child’s journey with us.


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