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Top 7 health benefits of dance for kids

Health benefits of dance

Dance has co-existed with humans since ancient times. Though the exact origin of this art form is unknown, the earliest depictions of dance are found in the cave paintings of India dating from the time period 8000 BCE. 


Just like music and drawing, dance is a medium to express our imagination, creativity, and emotions in front of an audience. Through this blog post, we are going to discuss the top 7 benefits of dance for health. So, let's begin!


1) Helps in weight loss



In addition to gaining a smart personality, weight loss has many other valuable health benefits. A healthy body weight ensures higher energy levels, better cognitive functions and sleep, improved mood levels, and a better immune system.


But what is the correct way to lose weight? 


Many people undergo strict sessions of dieting to lose weight. Though this strategy might work at first, it can cause problems in the long run. For instance, it can lead to depleted bone density, muscle loss, mental fatigue, excessive hunger, etc.


The American Diabetes Association states that any form of aerobic exercise can help in weight loss.


Among all forms of aerobic workouts, what's more, enjoyable than dancing?


According to one of healthline's articles, it's necessary that people dance for at least 75 to 150 minutes in order to lose weight. The faster the dance routine is, the more calories we will burn.


Additionally, eating better and healthy can make the progress faster.


It's also true that different dance forms will help us burn different numbers of calories as compared to each other. For example, a single session of contemporary dance will burn half the number of calories as a ballet dance session does.


2) Improves flexibility



The next in our list of dance benefits for health is better flexibility. Though it may not seem like it, good physical flexibility plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. How? Let's discuss this. 


Decent flexibility improves our motor skills, balance, and body posture. Not only that, people with flexible bodies become capable of withstanding more physical stress. This reduces the risk of getting physical injuries.


Now that we have learned the importance of being physically flexible, let's discuss the best route. There are many workout routines that are helpful in improving physical flexibility. These include yoga sessions, stretching in the gym, acrobatics, etc. 


Though these sessions are sure to bring out good results, many people can find them monotonous and boring. That's where dance comes to the rescue!


Most dance styles are designed in such a way that they assist in improving body coordination, posture, joint mobility, hip motion, and muscular flexibility.  Furthermore, dancing reduces the possibility of the development of back pain, thanks to better spine flexibility.


3) Improves cardiovascular or heart health



Research conducted among normal people and people who dance regularly (even moderately) has concluded that dancing does not only provide a full body workout but also decreases the risk of cardiovascular or heart diseases.


Since dancing involves twisting, crouching, bending, jumping, and many other body movements, many health experts believe that dancing is far superior than brisk walking.


On average, a person's normal heart rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute. However, this rate increases when we follow an aerobic workout routine such as dancing. 


This causes the heart to pump more blood to our lungs. This results in the transportation of oxygen to the tissues present throughout our bodies. This entire process does not only help in the prevention of high blood pressure, but also cardiovascular diseases. 


4) Strengthens bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis



We all know that Calcium helps in boosting bone growth and strength. 


But in addition, physical workout plays a vital role in doing the same. Did you know the National Osteoporosis Foundation states that dance helps in strengthening bones and creating new bone mass?


One of the best weight-bearing exercises, dancing regularly protects against the possibility of developing health conditions like Osteoporosis.


The art of dancing involves a variety of movements, no matter what genre is selected. An intense or moderate dance workout provides a fun and rigorous workout for the bones of the human body. 


For example, almost all dance forms involve moving, bending, twisting, and jumping. These body movements are necessary to facilitate the strengthening of bones.


5) Improves mood and mental health



We all face stressful situations in our daily lives. Kids are no exception. The constant pressure to perform well in academics and examinations can sometimes take a toll on the mental health of students. 


A little amount of stress is normal. In fact, it can provide us with the motivation to work for the goals that we desire to achieve.


But as we all know, excess of everything is bad. High amounts of stress can lead to health problems like heart disease, weight gain, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, etc.


One of the greatest benefits of dance is that dancing does not only improve physical health but mental health as well.


According to research, dancing helps to elevate the mood of a person.


The reason behind this study is quite obvious. As we all know, dance is a medium that allows us to express ourselves freely. Not only that, dancing produces feel-good endorphins within our bodies. This combination of enjoyment and endorphins makes us happier and lighter and stress-free.


For example, the Zumba style of dancing improves mood levels, decision-making, and cognitive skills.


6) Improves brain health



We have all learned how dancing results in strengthening muscles and bones.


But the dance benefits for health do not end here.


When we learn how to dance, it directly stimulates our brains. Moving and shaking our bodies with the beats and rhythm of the music boosts cognitive skills and neurological health.


Also, research states that in addition to being a fun workout routine, dancing helps to form new connections between neurons and strengthens the already existing ones. This results in stronger and sharper long-term memory.


Furthermore, there exist special dancing routines to assist patients in recovering from a brain injury.


Trauma or injury to the brain can interrupt and damage the neural pathways. This leads to cognitive and motor skill issues such as memory loss and irregular coordination between the brain and the body.


However, with daily sessions of dance therapy, such health issues can be dealt with eventually. Additionally, research shows that dancing facilitates the formation of new neural pathways, and can even rebuild them. This restores cognitive abilities and motor skills to normal levels.


7) Improves punctuality, social skills, and teamwork



As we practice consistently, dancing not only offers physical health benefits but also affects our non-verbal skills and overall personalities positively.


This is an art form that allows us to express ourselves. Whether practicing individually or in a group, dance benefits us in getting comfortable around the audience which is helpful in developing confidence and self-esteem, especially in kids. 


Dancing in front of a group not only reduces our performance anxiety but also makes us excited and self-motivated for more opportunities. 


The importance and value of this skill can be reflected in the fact that it helps us to improve our body language which is important to communicate in a better way.


In the case of kids, joining dance classes and actively participating in them teaches them to be punctual. On top of that, dancing with new kids and groups will not only help them to make new friends but also improve their social skills. 


In short, dance teaches kids to be punctual and socially active. Both these skills play a vital role in the lives of kids. 


Punctuality and quality time management skills will help them to achieve their desired goals. Friendly social interactions are necessary for the emotional development of kids. 


Dance classes or sessions offer a great opportunity where we can work on our teamwork skills. There are certain styles of dance that require us to perform in a pair or in a group. Dancing and practicing with others will surely improve our synchronization and movements. Though this may seem like a normal practice, it can greatly affect other areas of our lives. For example, as kids, we will bond better with our classmates. In case we are working professionals, we can coordinate with our team in a much better way than before. 


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