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Which keyboard is the best for your child

Types of Musical Keyboard


Are you planning to gift your child the Musical keyboard? We believe that every child has musical ability within them and if your child is showing keen interest in music, now is the time to support their interest and give them correct musical training. If your child is interested in playing keyboard, then begin your child’s sessions with the mini keyboard first. Not only it will help them in understanding the keys, but help them in adjusting the notations and understanding the transitions between the keys quickly. In this article, we will discuss the list of keyboards that will be beneficial for your child.


Today, many parents enroll their students in extracurricular activities for multiple reasons. Children benefit from learning to move to the music in a variety of ways, from staying physically healthy to enabling them to develop connections with their peers – all while learning about rhythm and self-expression.


Casio SA-46 32 Mini Keys Musical Keyboard

Casio is one of the most known and most used keyboards in India. The Brand Casio is undoubtedly very popular in India. Casio SA-46 32 holds 32 keys and basic sound functions which makes it a great choice for kids.  It has 100 tones, a song bank with 10 tunes, 50 rhythms, and 8-note polyphony to let you press and hear the sound of up to 8 keys at one time. It is portable and has a high-quality display.


Yamaha Remie PSS-E30 37-Key Portable Mini Keyboard

Yamaha is the most heard brand trusted for its high-quality musical instrument. Yamaha Remie PSS-E30 37 is also a great option for your child. The basic features of this keyboard are 37 keys, 47 instrumental voices, 32 rhythms and styles, and 30 inbuilt songs.


Domenico Fantasy India 54 Key Electronic Piano

DOMENICO Fantasy India is any day a good option to go. This keyboard in particular contains 100 tones,100 rhymes, 5 demos, and 5 persuasions sound to make your tune melancholy and more perfect. It also has double stereo speakers allowing your child to enjoy high-quality audio even in the training session.


Roland Go: keys GO-61 K

Roland's GO portable beginning keyboards are available and are geared at individuals who are just starting out on their musical adventure. The Roland GO-61P keyboard is the beginner digital piano that caters to budding pianists with more piano-focused sounds.




Casio SA-78 44 Mini Keys Mini Keyboard

Coming with 50 in-built rhythms & patterns, this keyboard is good to go if you are looking for one with 37 keys. It comes with 2 speakers with great audio quality. Also, It comes with 8-key polyphony to let your kid practice the chords properly.


Choosing your first piano for your child might be intimidating, particularly if you are not a pianist or musician. It might be tough to decide which piano to buy or even if you should buy a piano at all. I hope with this article, you get a much wider perspective. Gift your child the best keyboard and enroll them in the best and informative online Keyboard classes with TalentGum.

TalentGum is the right platform for your child to learn how to play the keyboard. With Online Keyboard Classes at TalentGum , you get a great deal of information and exciting keyboard classes specially designed for young brains.

To get started, it is not necessary for your child to be aware of the basics. The curriculum of keyboard is designed specifically for beginners and intermediate young students, making it an excellent way to get them started on a rewarding career of keyboard study. Being able to play the keyboard is definitely a blessing. If you've played the instrument before or know someone who has, you'll understand how valuable and enjoyable it can be.

This is why I feel it is one of the most valuable presents you can give a child and one that they will almost surely treasure and enjoy as they grow older. What are you waiting for? Join TalentGum Online Keyboard Classes today and explore the creative side of your child.


Remember: Your child's satisfaction is our motivation. That's why, our team has done extensive research, and included only the best and the most practical learning material in our online keyboard course.


So, what are you waiting for? Allow us to unleash the rockstar within your child with our keyboard online classes. See you soon!

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